ABC News: Gold Star mother, community restore WWI-era monument found in Dan Ryan woods

January 30, 20230

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Gold Star mother whose son was killed in Afghanistan is ensuring mothers who lived the same experience 100 years ago will always be remembered in Chicago.

Modie Lavin and other community members are spearheading an effort to save a memorial erected by Gold Star mothers during World War I.

“My sisters from 100 years ago were doing the same thing I’m trying to do today: honor and respect our children who gave their lives for our freedom,” said Lavin, whose son, Marine Corporal Conner T. Lowry, 24, was killed in Afghanistan six years ago.

The century-old, dilapidated memorial is in storage right now. It was located in the Dan Ryan Woods on Chicago’s Far South South Side until last year, when the weather-worn monument was officially decommissioned and placed in storage until money is raised for restoration. While Lavin provides the heart for the project, she points to Tim Noonan as the muscle, the man working to set up a nonprofit organization and raise money for the memorial.

“Up to now, I don’t think we’ve been that great of custodians to this monument and I think it’s time for us to make up for it,” said Noonan, who is spearheading the restoration effort. “As a parent, it would break my heart to see that this monument was forsaken and my child had sacrificed for the country and this is what happened.”

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