Group seeks to help those in need

January 30, 20230

A local group, 19th Ward Mutual Aid, was formed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by the global economic downturn.

The purpose of the group is to collectively help one another. Although the group’s name may indicate it helps just the 19th Ward neighborhoods of Mt. Greenwood, Morgan Park and Beverly, organizers said that all needs will be addressed.

Since late May, 19th Ward Mutual Aid has partnered with two non-profit groups, Turpin Cares and the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA), to host the distribution of first-aid and hygiene products, as well as handmade masks made by Nice Chicks with Sewing Machines, at the 19th Ward Mutual Aid Free Store, then located at BAPA, 11109 S. Longwood Dr.

Over 3,000 items have been distributed to 150 families in a month and a half. The organizers of 19th Ward Mutual Aid said they believe that hygiene and first aid should not be considered luxuries

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