Local School Council and Teachers

Local School Council

The backbone to any community is their local public school. The public school is the incubator to our future leaders. Local School Council (LSC) choses the principal and therefore are the direction of the school. I know this because I am current elected LSC member for the last five years. I promise to attend and participate in LSC meetings and help in attaining their goal of a great public school. We deserve to give our children.


There are few nobler professions then being a teacher. There are many teachers residing in the 19th ward. We put our trust and our children in their hands, and we are rewarded with inquisitive and brilliant young scholars. When our teachers say they need tools and resources such as librarians, nurses, or arts education, they are advocating for our kids not themselves. I will reach out to our teachers and administrators to ask how I can help them to expand our children’s options and opportunities. Some easy solutions would be sharing resources between schools. We created a project to purchase copies of MAUS by Art Spiegelman for every middle school and high school in the ward to be distributed as a tool for the teachers to use in their curriculum. With public and private initiatives, we can give our teachers the tools that are needed to help our children.

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